Gothic Lolita in Harajuku w/ Alice and the Pirates & Metamorphose temps de fille

Ame is a friendly gothic lolita who we met on the street in Harajuku after dark.

Ame’s look features a gothic lolita dress from the Japanese lolita fashion brand Alice and the Pirates with an Alice and the Pirates cape and striking patent black bow boots from Metamorphose temps de fille. She is also wearing a witch hat, Alice and the Pirates accessories, and carrying a Nightmare Before Christmas casket bag from the h.Naoto x Disney Store collection.

Ame’s favorite fashion brands include Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates and she likes the music of Malice Mizer. Find her on Instagram for lots of wonderful photos!

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  1. Hey looking to buy Alice and the Pirates fashion in the UK don’t suppose you would know if they retail here or whether their website ships tot he UK.