Green Haired Harajuku Girl w/ Piercings, Dog Osaka, Pin Nap & Hayatochiri

This green-haired girl is Nagata, a stylish 20-year-old girl we spotted in Harajuku. You might remember her street snaps from this spring when she had red hair.

Nagata is wearing a printed top over a mesh long sleeve, which she got from Dog Osaka and Pin Nap Harajuku. Her midi skirt is from Hayatochiri in Koenji and she accessorized with a Vivienne Westwood armor ring and Garter jewelry (earrings, piercings (including a stretched ear), crystals necklace and a claw ring). Her bag is from Dog Osaka (with a Galaxxxy Dino charm) and she’s wearing geta shoes with toe socks.

Nagata’s favorite designer is Jeremy Scott and she’s a fan of the singer Shiina Ringo. Find out more about her via her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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  1. Joanangel

    “Dog Osaka” have website? I can’t find it. :S