Halloween in Japan – Shibuya Street Party Costume Pictures

The popularity of Halloween in Japan has exploded in the last decade! Halloween promotions, parties, and costumes – especially costumes – are everywhere in Tokyo in the weeks before the spooky holiday. The atmosphere is fun, and people put a lot of effort into their Halloween costumes, which come in all flavors – from creepy to kawaii to cosplay and beyond.

Halloween in Japan - Sailor Moon

We’ve already brought you pictures of the amazing VAMPS Halloween Party and of Halloween in Harajuku. Now it’s time for the main event – Shibuya! Many of the big Halloween parties in Tokyo take place within walking distance of Shibuya Station on the weekend before Halloween. That means for a few nights, the streets of Shibuya turn into a big costume party. We have been covering these street parties for several years now, and it’s always too much fun!

Enjoy these 100+ exclusive pictures of Shibuya’s Halloween street party and hope to see you there in person next year. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Update: We posted 350 new pictures from Halloween night in Tokyo & a video showing the super fun madness the street party in Shibuya on Halloween night. Please check them both!!!

Click on any Halloween in Japan street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. It must be fun to be in Japan during these kinds of events :D

  2. I love these photos . Such a great inspiration.Very entertaining to watch . All of these pictures are so lovely ^_^

  3. Amazing!!!!! *-* Thank you for takng these pictures! They’re giving me a lot of ideas about what to wear in Halloween :B

  4. i wish i was born in Japan.. damn ,my country sucks when it comes to this kind of events.. everything is like another f*****g boring day.. too normal ,without any kind of excitement ..or anything else
    anyway.. really amazing photos

  5. people in japan just want to have fun,and the photos show how awesome they are!!!!!.

  6. Oh man, Tokyo must feel enchanting during Halloween season and xmas must be all kinds of awesome in one area

  7. Man, Halloween is fairly recent in Japan and they’re already better than the US at it.

  8. Whaouuu, Excellent, would love to see that myself and join them.
    Next time in Tokyo, I will try to go on that period of time even if in spring is my favorite :-)
    Thanks for the pics.

  9. This is why I love Japan. A very unique country with awesome people. ^^ I wish I’m a Japanese. :)

  10. what if they didn’t know it was Halloween and the photographer just took pictures of random cosplayer.

  11. NeptuneZR7

    These photos are fantastic. The other photo of young ladies in costumes of Sailor-Moon characters in Facebook I like the best is impressive. Thanks for showing me the photos.

  12. super funny , jpanese people ae awesome

    love from tunisia

  13. XD Wish I can be in Shibuya and experience the event…. Too bad i am bound to the northern part of Japan orz….

  14. Just one of the million reasons that Japan is the top of my bucket list!


    Too bad America isn’t safe anymore, we could still have these events.

  16. life is so unfair…
    Compared to that, Canada seem the most boring country in the world.

  17. Did you happen to see that tall guy standing on a fence sketching? If you did could you share a photo?

  18. Meo Sicko

    THis is sooooooooooo cool :AAAA;;;
    I wanna experience a Halloween as fun as this too!!

  19. Fernanda Sato

    Im from Brasil , but lived in Japan for 22 years… Never get tired to see how Japanese people r creative and happy! Love Japan❤

  20. Mitchell

    This is why I like Japanese people! It must be fun here during this costume festival!! I wish I could attend this year!

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