Japan Halloween Costumes – Pictures & Video From Tokyo!

As Halloween’s popularity has exploded in Japan over the last decade, the unofficial Shibuya Costume Street Party on Halloween Night has also blown up. TokyoFashion.com has been attending/covering the Shibuya Halloween Street Party for years, but the massive turnout this time rivaled even the Shibuya New Year’s Eve street party. On Halloween night from 5pm until well after midnight, the streets around Shibuya Station (especially Center Street) were a sea of people in costumes having fun, taking photos, and making friends.

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We’ve already published many pictures from the weekend before Halloween (including the VAMPS Halloween Party, Halloween in Shibuya, and Harajuku Halloween). Now it’s time for the grand finale – the Halloween Night Shibuya Street Party!

There were many thousands of costumed people celebrating on the street – and countless different costumes – but Mario Bros, Sailor Moon, and zombies were especially popular this year. The zombies craze carried over to just about every other costume – zombie Disney characters, zombie nurses, zombie police, zombie prisoners, zombie anime and manga characters, zombie schoolgirls, zombie Pokemon, and even zombie Mario Bros and zombie Sailor Moon!

Enjoy all of our Halloween costume pictures (over 300 pics) and video, and we hope you can spend Halloween in Japan next year. Happy Halloween!!!

Japan Halloween – Fun Times on the Street of Tokyo!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. OMG why is japan sooo coooll ?
    i really liked the Halloween outfits, really kawaii

  2. … I am so totally green (mint) with envy right now…
    Totally found a good date to go to Japan next year i guess O.o
    (Cosplay party heaven!)

  3. Wow. Well played Japan. Again, you take things we love to another level. Happy Halloween!

  4. I wish Halloween could be like this in my country! It looks so amazing and incredibly fun

  5. wow there are some amazing costumes. (I wish they got a better picture of the person dressed as mami)

  6. The Chucky costume is awesome! I wish Halloween was this fun here in the States…it seems to be dying in popularity with each year :( When I was a kid it was common to see hundreds of people squashed together in the streets just like up there in Tokyo but now…I didnt’ get a single trick-or-treater this year and ended up keeping all the candy myself….too many people these days are worried about how a holiday might “offend” someone.

  7. wowwww!! definitely Japan is sooo soo cool!!! amazing city! amazing people! tokio is just perfect!