Harajuku Girl’s Moschino Top, Platform Converse & Wacky Zaorick Creature Ring

This is Miho, a 21-year old Japanese student. Miho may – or may not – be twins with our previous street snap Maho. Miho and Maho were hanging out together when we spotted them in Harajuku, and they gave us the same family name and age.

Miho is wearing a a Moschino top with Nadia shorts (hard to see in the photos), cute tights (I’ve seen this pattern before, maybe at Sister in Shibuya?), ruffle socks, and platform Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (also from Nadia Harajuku). Accessories – some of which came from Phenomenon & Monomania – include a toy figure earring, a spiked necklace, a metal cross necklace, a Pixar Cars watch (like Maho), a wide spiked bracelet, silly bandz, several small rings, and an awesome pink creature ring by ZAORICK mochasse. Her pink-and-black backpack is by KTZ and her smaller gold bag features a design by the French artist Fafi.

Miho’s favorite shops include Candy Shibuya and Nadia Harajuku. Her favorite musical artists include 2NE1, Big Bang, and Yuki.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. They’ve got to be twins! I love both their styles =)

  2. nice outfit… her hair is screwed for life though

  3. She’s so pretty and I love her style. I waaaaaaaaaant those shoes!!! I mean All-Stars are already FTW but to make them platforms just adds a whole new level of awesome.

  4. young_rob101

    The accesories always make a great outfit and this is no exception i love em !!!!!!!!! Hey guys can you please follow me on twitter at young_rob101 thanks i would love to talk fashion with you guys

  5. kinako milk

    parappa the rapper keyrings?? milkcan! ♡ ♡ ♡ i love silver hair also.

  6. Super-cute tights! And the pokemon earrings are adorable.

  7. Love the grey-blonde bob – very cool! Chunky converse and accessories are great – particularly the frog ring!

  8. Absolutely LOVE the backpack, coin purse and tights!!!

  9. Cute in a post-punk kinda way,
    Her alien right was cooooooooooool.

  10. Stine Schulstad

    Hi there. Copenhagen here!!! Where Can I buy Converse platform Low shoes – over the net ? Love Them!!!!