Harajuku Girl’s RNA Hoodie, Nadia Shorts, Striped Tube Socks & Yellow Creepers

Here’s 21-year-old Maho, a Japanese student with short platinum blonde hair who we met in Harajuku. She may be the twin of Miho.

Maho is wearing a hoodie (“parka” in Japanese) by the brand RNA, shorts from Nadia Harajuku, striped tube socks, and florescent creepers from Dog. Her accessories – some of which came from Nadia – include labret & nose piercings, multiple earrings (including a spike and dangling action figure), a metal collar necklace, colorful spike bracelets, silly bandz (gummy bracelets), a Pixar “Cars” watch, and a large illustrated bag by the edgy Tokyo-based artist Rikki Kasso.

Maho told us that her favorite places to shop for fashion include Candy Shibuya as well as NPC (Nincompoop Capacity) and Hayatochiri – both in Koenji’s famous Kita-Kore Building. Her favorite musical artists include Big Bang, 2NE1, and Lady Gaga.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. SHINeeUKshawol

    i’ve seen SHINee wear some of the accessories she has on!

  2. I love her style, especially the hair and earrings :) gorgeous!

  3. Great look – urban, edgy – real street fashion, with attitude. Adore her hair – both style and colour.

  4. Dreaded Queen

    I love the earrings and the shoes look neat from afar. Check out that guy begin her in the left corner. He reminds me of mr. Hat and clogs from Bleach! Never know what u will see I guess

  5. Oh she’s gorgeous.
    Everything is so super well put together. Digging her earrings ~ ♥

  6. young_rob101

    Wow i must say i love all of her accessories every single one especially her ear rings… hey guys can you please follow me on twitter i would love to talk fashion with you guys at young_rob101 thanks guys

  7. Definitely twins.

    I love her lego man earring! Totally rad xD

  8. Black_tie_event

    A Tokyo lisbeth salander. Looks like she has subdermals on her cheek bones? Is that a lip piercing or a cheek piercing?

  9. kinako milk

    over all outfit, hair, accessories, everything is coo! favorite are the tube sox, the creepers and the cute lil robo guy ear-ring.