Harajuku Girl’s Pastel Look w/ Care Bears & Cute Plush Spank! Rabbit Bracelet

Here’s an 18-year-old Japanese student named Hikari who we met in Harajuku. A couple of the elements of her look – the pastel color pallet and the 1980s references – are commonly seen in fairy kei fashion.

Hikari’s outfit features a Milkfed x Care Bears top, acid wash cutoff denim shorts from the Japanese brand RNA, pink ballet-print tights, and purple sneakers with lace laces (does that make sense?). Accessories include a dangling strawberry hair clip, a large plush rabbit bracelet from SPANK! (her favorite shop), and a bag from Nadia Harajuku.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. cool, I love the clip with that little strawberry :3 , and her snickers *w*!

  2. young_rob101

    I love the entire look is very cute i especially like the colors the outfit is made of. Hey guys can you please follow me on twitter at young_rob101. I would love to talk fashion with you guys

  3. kinako milk

    i have a care bears tshirt that is meant as sleepwear (bought in the nightie section) and i only ever wear it outside so jinko may be onto something (*⌒ワ⌒*) needless to say i like this outfit lots.