Harajuku Girl’s Banana Republic Safari Shirt & Tattoo Tights

This blonde girl with large buns in her hair is Marina, a 23-year-old vintage shop employee. Her outfit includes a safari shirt from Banana Republic and a Kiss t-shirt and leather shorts (both from resale shops). She’s also wearing tights with tattoo socks and suede Tokyo Bopper shoes with stud decorations.

Marina’s accessories include a variety of vintage buttons on her shirt, a Nadia bag festooned with a variety of small toys, a large G-Shock watch and a studded bracelet.

When we asked Marina about her favorite sources for fashion her answer was Nadia and Jaco.
She also said her favorite music is by 175R and Ginnan Boyz. You can find out more about Marina by following her on Twitter.

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  1. I live hear Northbrook, IL! But their area code is not 312 anymore… (see the Musk Oil pin to see what I’m talking about)…

    Super cute outfit!! ^_^ I especially like the polka dot stockings (or however that effect was achieved).

  2. ahah Allison your posts made me laugh I always have to correct myself… Very cute outfit and I wonder too are those tights cause the top part of the leg looks naked ?? Very sweet look….