Colorful Harajuku Girls w/ Galaxxxy, Milklim, sakura1tama & Doll Parts

We met these two students – both wearing cute colorful outfits – on the street in Harajuku. Here is what we learned about them:

Mahonyan – with blue hair and a pink animal hoodie – is 16 years old. Her jacket is from the Japanese brand Galaxxxy, worn over a top from a local store, a tutu from Takeshita Dori, shorts and fishnet tights. Her car print backpack is Uchuhyakka, and she’s also carrying a monster purse. Her platforms are from Yosuke, and her accessories (including a doll parts necklace, a Toy Story Alien, and colorful necklace) are from Claire’s, WEGO, Disney and Village Vanguard. Mahonyan told us that her favorite places to shop are WEGO and Kokoro Made, and that she’s a BugLug fan. She’s active on Twitter, if you want to look her up.

Pictured to the right is Mai Mai, who is 18 years old and has twin tails. She is wearing a “Cotton Candy” sweatshirt, a top and polka dot pants – all from Milklim – and a backpack from WEGO. Her hair pins and bracelet are from sakura1tama, and her shoes are canvas flats with a pink toe. Mai Mai’s favorite brand is Milklim, and her favorite band is supercell. She is also active on Twitter.

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  1. I love they!! So cute *-*
    *love milklim brand*