Harajuku Kids Christmas Masquerade Party at Trump Room – Pictures

Christmas is a wonderful time of year – full of friendship and family, showing appreciation to your loved ones, and a chance to reflect on the year that’s soon to end. It’s also something else, though – an excuse to party! When the party is a Christmas Masquerade party open to the younger Harajuku kids who can’t always get into the over-20 parties, you can be sure there will be some eye-catching fashion on display!

The Trump Room Harajuku Kids Christmas Masquerade Party was headlined by Juria from Avantgarde Harajuku spinning records in the DJ booth. Also appearing were special guest DJs including Shun (TotalFat), Mayuyun (BTP/PSYCHOAPPAREL), SIGMAX81 (LOKA/TEMPOS), Michitomo Ohta (DRAGNET/ROCK THE HOUSE), and aquvi (Yurie Akutsu ).

Daishi from TokyoFashion joined the party to celebrate Christmas with the Harajuku kids – and to bring back pictures to share with all of you. Merry Christmas from Harajuku everyone!!!

Click any of Harajuku Christmas Party pics enlarge them!

A big thank you to the Trump Room, Juria, and all of the Harajuku kids who we photographed. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!


All photos by Daishi.
Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

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  1. Wondering how Yuria is allowed to +20 parties. If I remember right she’s just 17y old.

  2. @kakaka – The Christmas Masquerade is opened to those of lower age.

  3. My favorite is the guy with the splattered paint shirt!