Ririan in Harajuku w/ Pink Braids, Himitsu Kessya & Hello Kitty

Do you know Ririan? We’ve snapped her before in 2012 and 2011! She’s well known around Harajuku as part of the staff at the hip Tokyo resale shop Kinji, as well as managing her own brand Himitsu Kessya.

Underneath her cute Himitsu Kessya patchwork jacket, Ririan is wearing a midi plaid skirt and a white shirt, both bought from Kinji. The faux fur white bag she’s carrying is also from her brand, Himitsu Kessya. The bow rocking horse shoes are from Tokyo Bopper, and Ririan wears them with Hello Kitty tights. We also noticed her CCCP suspenders, worn loosely on the hips, and her headband with plaid bows. She’s wearing gold eyeliner and her pink and black hair is braided in two tails.

Ririan told us that her favorite shops/brands are, of course, Kinji and Himitsy Kessya. She also gave us the link to her blog, in case you missed it.

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  1. so beautiful, her feeling of style is perfect, loved every detail

  2. I love seeing people who have made or customized their own clothes. It’s so much more interesting and inspiring than regular snaps!

  3. Oh, she’s perfect! Every aspect of her look: hair, makeup, outfit is so unique and grunge-ish with her own flavor. Excellent.