Colorful Harajuku Resale Outfit w/ Knit Cap, Parka, Denim & Red Leggings

We spotted Kyo-chan walking down the street in Harajuku wearing a colorful and fun outfit. You might recognize her from previous event snaps, street snaps, and our 2012 Shibuya Halloween pictures. She told us she works at the Harajuku boutque SOL and she’s on Twitter here.

Kyo-chan is wearing an outfit mostly sourced from various Tokyo resale shops. She paired a colorful print sweater with a denim midi skirt, a khaki jacket and red leggings. She’s got a knitted cap on, a colorful scarf, a ladybird tote bag, striped socks and big black shoes that reminded us a little of a cartoon.

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  1. that’s adorable!!!! love the red tights and striped socks :)

  2. Victoria Moore

    Her color combination is really well executed. I love everything about her outfit.