Harajuku & Shibuya Halloween Street Snaps

In the last few years, Halloween seems to have really blown up in Tokyo. When we went out for a stroll in Harajuku and Shibuya tonight (Halloween night), we were amazed at the number of people out on the street in costume. Center Gai in Shibuya was like a big Halloween block party, with large groups of costumed people hanging out, posing for pictures with strangers, and just having fun.

We hadn’t planned to take any more Halloween street snaps (after our coverage of AvantGarde’s Halloween Party, Shibuya costumes, VAMPS Halloween & Pop N Cute Halloween), but there were just so many people out on the streets dressed up that we couldn’t resist. From gyaru mama with their kids to a large group of shiro nuri (some of whom you’ll probably recognize from Japanese magazines) to Winnie The Pooh & Tiger, the streets of Tokyo were alive tonight with Halloween fun!

Enjoy the pics and Happy Halloween!

Click on any Halloween street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Onora-chan

    I love the girl’s outfit in pic 2! And the bear she is holding. =^-^=

  2. Would’ve loved to see more Japanese yokai costumes! The westernized costumes are ok, but I was so pumped at the thought of Japanese people dressing as Japanese yokai. So, so cool. Or perhaps that’s socially unacceptable? hehe

  3. I was totally at center gai for halloween this year, these pictures sum up how amazing that night was! I’m from england and wasn’t expecting much of Tokyo halloween, but oh my it was 1000x better than the UK. Met so many lovely people, and took so many memorable pcitures! great photos!!

  4. I’m going to Tokyo this October and it will be my third trip there. I have been to Harajuku and love it. I wanted to know if its ok for us gaijin to dress up too???