AvantGarde Harajuku Halloween & 1st Anniversary Party Pictures

AvantGarde isn’t only the most popular legwear shop in Harajuku – it’s also a gathering spot for some of the most creative (and well-known) names in Tokyo’s street fashion scene. So when AvantGarde Harajuku announced they were throwing a combination Halloween Bash and 1st Anniversary Party, there was no doubt it would be a major event!

Held at Tokyo’s famous Trump Room, the Avantgarde 1st Anniversary Halloween Party featured a lineup of DJs that read like a who’s-who of Tokyo street fashion personalities, designers, and fashion bloggers: Eri Tsukimoto, Fujiwaramone (Tokyodolls/British Pavilion), Convoy (Dog), Sioux (Vive Vagina), Misha Janette (Plumb), Dj Cube, Unofumi, Ricky (TMS), Minako (Newjack,), Gucci, Technobreakrs, Dj_H / Take It Easy & Juria / Fallen Sister.

In addition to the main party, AvantGarde hired a double decker bus to take the party directly to the streets of Tokyo. Even heavy rains couldn’t stop the hoards of dressed-up partygoers from celebrating both Halloween and the amazing success AvantGarde has achieved in their first year of existence. On the floor of the party, we ran into many of the people we street snap in Harajuku every week, including Kazuhiro-san, Juria, Convoy, Ricky & Yui, aspiring singer You, Elleanor, Sioux, Misha, Jillian Kate, Momoe, Miho & Maho, Hide & many more!

Please enjoy our photos from the AvantGarde Harajuku Halloween Party, and join us in wishing the entire AvantGarde crew a Happy 1st Anniversary!

Click on any AvantGarde photo to enlarge it.

Thank you to Kazuhiro-san and all of the AvantGarde Harajuku staff, as well as all of the wonderful people who we met at the party and who let us take their photos. Happy Halloween, everyone!

For more info on AvantGarde, check their official website.


Photos by Daishi & Kira.

About the photographers:
Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

Born in Japan, educated in Japan and the US, Kira shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. Photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan & the world. His portfolio can be viewed at Artist-Photo.

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  1. Juria looks good.
    Nice cultural apropriation though smh. I guess this comment is not going to be published ? The truth needs to be said, that’s all.

  2. This looks really fun! Such an interesting venue. The ともだち cosplay was my favourite costume!

  3. Boy London girl/guy totally wins the androgyny award imo

  4. LuluKitty

    These are awesome pics! Looks like so much fun. Does anyone know who the dark skinned guy is in pic 32? Happy dilated Halloween!