Harajuku Rock Chic w/ G2? Tutu, Dip Dye Hair & Platform Boots

We’ve snapped Lisa many times before. Her look is sometimes colorful, sometimes dark, but always rock! See some of her older pics here, here and here. On this day, Lisa – 18 year old and a student – has long, pink and blue dip dye hair in twin tails and an outfit sporting lots of leather.

She is wearing a graphic t-shirt from Sexy Dynamite London with a tutu/pannier from G2? The studded biker jacket is a remake from One Spo. Lisa added some contrast to the outfit with a heart-shaped bag (with a Hide doll attached) she bought online. The knee length lace-up platforms are Question Mark, worn here with tattoo tights. Lisa is wearing a bunch of necklaces, including a razor-blade, pink beads, a studded choker and an inverted cross. She told us her accessories are Murderdolls and Motionless in White band goods, as well as G2? We also noticed her fingerless gloves with black nail polish and a studded belt with chains and rings.  She has a heart drawn on her cheek.

Lisa likes to shop at Sex Pot Revenge, Lucky 3 and Kreepsville666, and her favorite musicians are Hide, Murderdolls, Wednesday13, Slipknot, Motionless in White and Marilyn Manson. Find Lisa on Twitter or Tumblr, where she posts in English and Japanese.

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  1. Her make-up is really beautiful! The detail around the eyes really softens the whole look. And that heart is just sooooo cute! <3

  2. She looks gorgeous and so awesome *^*
    I love Lisa

  3. Hello where do you order that heart shape purse in the picture?

  4. this girl looks so beautieful and i realy love her stlye

  5. She exudes coolnes

    Imagine her staring at you like that from across the street *__*s

  6. SpyderbabSpyderbaboon

    I love her tutu skirt!!! I always wanted one!! :3

  7. RainbowYoshix3

    i love her boots! i’ve always wanted a pair like the ones she is wearing :)

  8. She wears red hair and I see the little doll of hide on her bag!!!!OMG!!!She is fan of hide?!!!I am soooo excited!!!!>口<