Harajuku Schoolgirls x4

These four blonde Japanese schoolgirls posed for our photo near LaForet in Harajuku. They were very friendly! They are, of course, wearing classic Japanese schoolgirl uniforms – plaid skirts, white shirts, sweaters tied around their waists, and penny loafers. Three of the girls are wearing loose white socks and the fourth girl is wearing blue socks with the Playboy bunny on them. The shopping bags that two of the girls are carrying are from the popular Shibuya 109 fashion brand Gilfy / Re Dark.

Harajuku Schoolgirls

Click the photo to see these girls in higher quality!

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  1. I saw the girl with the gilfy bag and the one beside her in a issue of Ranzuki :O

  2. I like the school girl in the school girl skirt.But more