Harajuku Style Icon Una to Release 80Kidz-produced Debut Single

Harajuku street style icon Una has announced that she’s launching a musical career. Under the same management as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Una’s debut single will be produced by the Japanese electro group 80Kidz (best known for their work with Autokratz, The Shoes, and CSS). The single, “Juicy Juicy”, will be released on August 14th by Universal Music. The song will premiere in a Mentos commercial in Japan on June 5th – a short preview of which was just released.

Una x 80Kidz Juicy Juicy

Una first hit the Harajuku scene back in 2010, and her modeling career has been on an upward trajectory ever since. She’s a regular Zipper model, as well as appearing in many other magazines including Nylon Japan and Kera. She also models for several Japanese fashion brands as well as appearing in recent fashion shows including Harajuku Kawaii and Kawaii Matsuri.

In addition to being a fashion leader, Una is also active in the street fashion scene in Harajuku. She previously worked at both Spinns and Bubbles Harajuku. Though her modeling career has taken off, we see Una around the streets of Harajuku all of the time, and she remains friendly and down-to-earth. She also continues to appear in street snaps and Harajuku-centric events. Some models move on after getting famous, but Una continues to support the town where she became famous.

For more info on Una’s upcoming debut as a musical artist, check out her official website or her YouTube channel.

Good luck Una!

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  1. It was about time Una made her debut I am so happy!