This cute Japanese girl is named Kaori. When we ran into her in Harajuku, she told us that she’s a part time worker.

We don’t shoot cosplay very often, but we spotted Kaori in her Haruhi Suzumiya school uniform costume shortly after covering the new Spinns x Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Collection. The timing was so perfect – and she looked so fun – that we couldn’t let the opportunity pass by!

Kaori’s Haruhi Suzumiya outfit didn’t come from Spinns. She bought hers from the Japanese cosplay shop Animate. She also said that her bag was a gift, and her penny loafers – worn with thigh-high stockings – were ordered from a mail order company. Kaori told us that her favorite places to shop for fashion are used and resale stores.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.


  1. Nice outfit but… don’t like the bag… It’s too massive to go with the outfit

  2. mumutchan

    that’s the standard bag for japanese high-school

  3. When I cosplayed Haruhi, I swear I wore almost the exact same shoes as her! o.o

  4. love this cosplay! i liked the anime too so i can appreciate this even more :)
    As the ultimate fan (my brand name’s Mademoiselle Creamy) when i have the occasion to, i always cosplay Creamy Mami or Yu Morisawa and i never get tired of it!! ^^