Top Hat & Glasses vs Grimoire, Tarock & Qosmos in Harajuku

Maco and Uraguchi Nyugaku are a friendly duo we met in Harajuku.

Maco is a fan of Judy and Mary, Zamza and Rat. She is wearing a striped shirt from Grimoire Almadel with a maxi skirt from a resale shop in Koenji. Her vest is from Tarock with Ricco and her belt, boots and vintage bangle are Grimoire. She is also wearing a vintage rabbit foot and a Dual bracelet, both from Qosmos; Legio Mode and Deco rings; and a CA4LA hat. Maco mentioned that Grimoire, Grimoire Almadel and Qosmos are her favorite shops. You can find out more about her on Twitter.

Uraguchi Nyugaku is a Japanese DJ, and you might remember him from here and here. He is wearing a top hat and round glasses, a Labrat t-shirt with a resale jacket, and black pants. He has many rings, a necklace and a Roroji bracelet, a chain wallet, and a pair of brown lace-up shoes. Find more info about his from his Twitter.

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  1. hahahaha i like from both the make up and i liked the hat from the girl!