Heart Panic Guitarist in Harajuku w/ Pink-Blue Hair, Plaid, Stripes & Motionless in White

We ran into Lisa (aka Lisa 13), the guitarist of the all-girl rock band, Heart Panic, on the street in Harajuku. As always, Lisa looked cool, this time with red and blue hair in twin tails, and bone hair ties.

Lisa’s plaid skirt is from Kinji, and she paired it with a Motionless in White band tee and a sheer sleeve Galstar jacket. Her striped socks are from Leg Avenue, and she wore them with suspenders and Yosuke buckle shoes. We also noticed her round sunglasses, bones and razorblade necklaces, her Slipknot bracelet, skull bag, studded belts and many rings – she told us they’re Kreepsville 666, Thirteen Designs, Crazy Pig, Blitz and Spider Rock Web.

When it comes to shopping, Lisa is a fan of Blitz, Gekirock Clothing and Lemoned. She’s into rock bands like Murderdolls, Motionless in White (she has a tattoo of them), Slipknot, Korn and Hide. She gave us her Twitter for more info.

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  1. Love this look so much… especially all the jewelry

  2. arehandoroKun

    sugoi neeeeeeeeeeeeeee,watashi wa visuaru kei desuyo,dakara onna no ko ga suki! *-*

  3. Lisa 13 always looks incredible, I love seeing her looks! Loving the hair buns :)

  4. She looks fab as always! And she’s really kind to her fans ^^

  5. Scarlatine

    Wow, astonishing as always. Especially, the hairstyle looks awesome this time !

  6. Why does it look like her right hand is missing??!! O_o That shirt is mind-blowing! LOL

    Lisa is always amazing. I love her current pink & blue hairstyle… and everything else xD

    This look is flawless.

  7. @Deadly Bite – Lisa has no right hand – and agreed, her style is always interesting and creative! :-)