H&M, Doarat & Volcom

Kyohei, 31, is the director of Spinns Harajuku. He’s wearing a bright graphic t-shirt from Doarat and green sweat pants from a used clothing store. Kyohei is carrying a bright print backpack from Volcom and wearing a fur hat from H&M. He said his suede boots are remakes.

Kyohei’s is the manager of the new Spinns Harajuku store in Tokyo. He invites everyone to visit the Spinns website.

H&M, Doarat & Volcom

H&M Fur Hat

Volcom graphic backpack

Remade suede boots

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  1. Is that his real hair?

    Love the hat tho.. I just love that hats.. omg.. must be my russian heritage. <3

  2. VitalyVal

    Hes got the prettiest hair i seen on a guy! <3