Itazura Tokyo “Big Magic Festival” #9 Party Pictures

Itazura Tokyo is a Shibuya boutique which sells vintage, resale, remake and indie fashion. But it’s not just any indie shop – it’s a super-hip store that is part of a growing subculture in Tokyo’s fashion scene mixing Japanese fashion and street culture with anime/manga/Akihabara influence. In addition to the store, Itazura Tokyo (along with its sister shop Wagado) produces a series of parties they call “Big Magic Festivals” (our translation of the Japanese name).

The Big Magic Festival parties continue to grow in popularity. The guest/performer list for the recently held 9th edition was a who’s who of Tokyo’s street fashion scene. We don’t cover too many parties (as there are so many every night in this city), but the Itazura parties bring together a cool mix of established personalities and up-and-coming “next generation” Japanese fashion designers, models, buyers, and others from the Tokyo fashion world. Because the event mixes street fashion with Akihabara elements, cosplay is encouraged. People dressed as maids and school girls dancing with others in kimono and super-hip Japanese street fashion definitely give the event a unique atmosphere.

With all of that in mind, we headed out toward the Trump Room for Big Magic Festival #9 to take pictures to share with all of you. Enjoy our Itazura Tokyo party pictures, and scroll down to the bottom of the article to see the full lineup of DJs and performers who were on hand!

Click any of Itazura Tokyo party snaps to enlarge them!

Here is the lineup for the Big Magic Festival #9 party:

  • 5F Magic Floor – soucuts a.k.a UCHIDA (Uchida Souichirou/vetica)(vivivi/MarginalRec.), DJ SHIMAMURA (DYNASTY RECORDS), DJ Cesar (Anime Song Index!!/Otaku Rythm/Kufufu no Seki/Tounai Kaihou Kyoukai/Ikebukuro V Ota!!), Inu (Japan Edit Philharmonic Society/nonSectRadicals), kei (Akihabara mogra), DJ Nita(xi-lium), Nagi with Alone(Love Otaku!), tomad (Maltine Records), ZIPPY(Animaids/Asunaro Kai), Barbarian Tanigawa (Yoshimoto Industries Anime Song Disco Melocoton), Dad (Cos Bowl/ loopyrelay / MOSAIC. / Japan-Style!!), Playing House (hamahamapun&Honmou), DJ SHARPNEL (SHARPNELSOUND), IOSYS, Founder Ecomanoriyuki (Kyonyu Mandala Okoku).
  • 4F Ceremony Floor – KERWIN(SWEETDREAMS/KISS), DJ Constantine(from Korea/This DJ is coming to Japan!), DIRTY DISCO SHIT(HIROKIXX.G&GUCCI/NOIR), si-oux (VIVE VAGINA), Nishimura Hyoko-chan (TRUMPROOM), gakky (HONEY’s DEAD/HIROSHOP), Little Twin (Magic Festival), HOKBOY (Legal Lolly), fuzzy (NICONICONIGHT/Manners Improvement Committee), Momonnu(Magic Festival/Fachism!!), Junnyan (SUPERLOVERS), CONVOY (Dog/C), Bitwixt&Bitween (TotalDisCommunication), RICKY (nextstage/choice picks), JUNI&Hikari (KOTOBUKI/EDEN/NADIA).
  • 6F Curse Floor – KA2YA (Micha BOYZ), F.17(Super Maid-san), S.M., NOA (Culture & Fashion College/choice picks), Majoutasu, Garni&Flowers (Black-Eyed Garni&Shimokitazawa), DJ new jack (Culture & Fashion College/dropparty), COME BACK FATHERS(TOMBOYZ ), DJ Sachan (greed.), Tony & Soranchu(NONPHILIA), Maybe (Sugino Fashion University), kimurakoala, yeji (Culture & Fashion College), roncy (ANIME_TOKYO), onasu&okayu (Women’s Cultural University), Malley&Kato Show Hey (Culture & Fashion College).
  • Plus More – reasonableD, KASICO (galaxxxy), sim (ITAZURAtokyo), Mana (Culture & Fashion College), maromixxx (KOTOBUKI), ICCHO (stylepromotion), yutty (monomania), takosu, Oka, YOSSY, ATUKI, yassy, Chibinu, aoi(Beauty Art), Airi, juria(Avant Garde), Momo-chan, Assun, Rika-pyon, Reina, Chanta, Moko, Bancho, Kenny(mo.up).

We’d like to send out a big “thank you” to Itazura/WAGADO for inviting us to the party and also to everyone we photographed!

If you’d like info on upcoming Itazura Tokyo parties and/or to find out more about their shops, check out the official website or follow them on Twitter.


All photos by Daishi.

Daishi Hamada is a Japanese photographer and musician who specializes in band photography in Tokyo. You can find out more about him and see more of his work at his official website.

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  1. I see Tomoe Mami, a notsogood Haruhi Suzumiya, cute lolitas, Aisaka Taiga, Kagamine Len, bad signs, lucky star and a barely-dressed guy.
    Yep, just your everyday Japanese party.

  2. Cool party! That place looks absolutely aweome! And some of those looks are just insane! *O*
    Love it :D

  3. Two things:

    1. The DJ’s outfit is a little disturbing.
    2. I need a cosplay wig!