Japanese Denim Brand Edwin Coming to America

Popular Japanese denim brand Edwin (also known as Edwin Jeans) has announced that they will re-enter the US market this fall. The fashion brand had been in the US for 30 years, but pulled out in 2008 because of the exchange rate between the dollar and the yen. Fall 2010 will see the launch of an Edwin men’s denim line in the US. Women’s denim will follow in 2011, according to their statement.

Edwin Jeans

The price of the jeans in the initial line – all of which will be made in Japan of high quality Japanese denim – will range from $225 all the way up to $700 for some special models. In the future, the company plans to import lower priced items, as well as possibly producing some jeans in America.

Edwin Jeans traces its roots back to 1947 when the founder Yonehachi Tsunemi began importing foreign denim into Japan. In 1961 Edwin produced its first pair of jeans in Japan. Since that time, the company has grown into one of the largest Japanese denim brands in the world. The promotional faces for Edwin include major Japanese and international celebrities like Brad Pitt, Anna Tsuchiya, and super-gal Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Sources: WWD, Edwin Jeans History, Official Site

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  1. PLEASE, BRING EDWIN BACK! I’m in Japan now, but I’m coming back to USA, and Edwin is so much better than Levi’s, and they are true to size, even in Japan! Levi’s in Japan are so small, it’s ridiculous. They are like their Pre-Shrunk’s, except they are literally pre-shrunk pre-wash!

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