Japanese Fashion Snaps at Itazura Tokyo Magic Festival #14

Itazura, Wagado, Nesin, Zzz…Tokyo, and Bedroom are a family of underground fashion boutiques located in the Koenji and Harajuku neighborhoods of Tokyo. They are all diffferent, but each of the shops feature unique original fashion and remake items, often influenced by Japanese video game, idol, anime, manga, otaku, and street culture.

Several times a year, Itazura and the other boutiques produce a party called the “Magic Festival” to bring together Japanese street fashion kids interested in the subculture. We covered the ninth Magic Festival back in 2012 and we thought it was time to check out another one.

Magic Festival #14 was held in Aoyama, Tokyo in July of 2015. The event featured DJs from the Tokyo street fashion scene (including Pochi) along with idols and other fun. Japanese chiptune artist Toriena, who’s been getting a lot of attention lately, was also on the bill. We shot fashion snaps of some of the outfits on display at the party, as well as photos of Toriena getting the crowd excited with her chiptunes. Check out the pictures below, and check Itazura’s Twitter for more info!

Itazura Magic Festival Fashion Snaps


Japanese Chiptune Girl Toriena at Itazura Magic Festival

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