Japanese Girl In Barbie Fashion & 6%DOKIDOKI

We photographed this cute 20-year-old Japanese girl at the 6%DOKIDOKI x Popples event a few weeks ago in Shibuya. She’s wearing a cropped HellcatPunks motorcycle jacket over a knit Barbie dress, cute stockings, and pink boots. She’s also carrying a Barbie handbag. Her accessories include earrings from MilkBoy along with a ring and necklace from 6%DOKIDOKI. She said that her favorite shop is 6%DOKIDOKI and her favorite band is Perfume.

Japanese Girl in Barbie Dress

Barbie Handbag

Hellcat Punks Jacket


Click any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Special thanks to 6%DOKIDOKI for allowing us to take these pictures at their event.

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  1. jesika lin

    i totally want the 6% ring! also i love the sweaterdress… im not so into the barbie thing, and as a regular shirt it would be blah, but i love it as a dress especially with the tights.


    monosugoku kawaiiiiiiiii,kanojyo to soto ni a i taiiiiiiiii naaaaaa

  3. love all accessories and bags… ○.- n-n
    really every things in the style

  4. ahhh i <3 barbie. i have a few barbie things. i will blog about it within the next few days : )