Jenny Fax 2012-13 A/W Exhibition

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On Monday, March 19th, Japanese label Jenny Fax showcased their 2012 Autumn/Winter collection during an exhibition at the Mercedes-Benz Connection.

Jenny Fax is the creation of Taiwanese designer Shueh Jen-Fang, half of the design duo behind the brand Mikio Sakabe. Born in 1979, she learned apparel techniques at a Taiwanese fashion art college before moving to France. There, she studied fashion design and pattern making at ESMOD International Paris. She continued her studies at Ecole Nationale supérieure des arts visuels Brussels, where she met future collaborator Mikio Sakabe.

In 2006, Shueh Jen-Fang moved to Japan to join Mikio Sakabe as a designer and pattern maker. She launched her own brand Jenny Fax with her 2011 S/S collection.

The Jenny Fax brand is a strong believer in sampling from popular culture, and the car wash-themed Jenny Fax 2012-13 A/W exhibition at Tokyo Fashion Week was obviously inspired by Japanese otaku culture. What it all meant, and how it relates to the brand’s fall collection, we’ll leave that for you to decide.

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Jenny Fax 2012-13 Autumn/Winter

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