Here are two friends who we spotted on the street in Harajuku. On the left (with cute pink hair) is Moco, the founder of the indie Japanese brands Strawberry Planet / Mello and a frequent model in KERA Magazine.

Moco is wearing a knit sweater over a lace dress, cute print tights, and pink platform shoes with pom-poms. Accessories include a katyusha (hair decoration), a faux fur stole, several cute rings, and a bow handbag. Moco is active on Twitter and she also has her own blog. Our profile on Moco’s fashion brand is here.

Moco’s stylish friend is wearing a graphic coat over black pants with boots. His accessories include glasses and a Raf Simons x Eastpak backpack.

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  1. They look so awesome together! Mocco is as cute as always (*^^*)

  2. Gordon Tan

    Yay for Moco, I always look forward to her new looks.

  3. Emmm… I’m Russian and…
    Dears, “katuysha”?! o____O Are you serious?) It’s only a shorter for “Ekaterina”(=”Catherine”). o_______O And really, I don’t understand why is this – bonnet, maube?(not sure) called “katyusha” oO It’s not a something in a “russian style”.

    Anyway, love the coord.

  4. kittydarling

    i ADORE!
    moco looks so good, her hair along with the outfit is flawless!

  5. Omg, she is the cutest thing ever! Love the pom pom platforms <3 And he is a super hottie!