Colorful Outfits w/ Kimono, Dog Harajuku, Demonia, Cayhane, Handmade & Resale Items

We met these two 20-year-old beauty school students – both wearing dramatic makeup – on the street in Harajuku.

The blond girl pictured to the left is KZE. She’s wearing an oversized Dog Harajuku t-shirt with resale ripped pants, a handmade ladybird purse, Demonia platform boots, and Cayhane accessories. We also noticed her partially shaved hairstyle, earrings and piercings, chain necklace, bracelets and colored contacts.

Shiop, pictured here to the right, is wearing a hat and has long hair. She is wearing resale shorts, t-shirt and kimono, along with a backpack and lace-up boots tied with ribbons. Her accessories are also from Cayhane.

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