Kumamiki in Her Own Kimono w/ Mint Hair & Shojono Tomo Bag in Harajuku

Kumamiki is a 23-year-old designer who you probably remember from our recent Harajuku Fashion Experience kimono video . When we snapped Kuma this time, she had mint green hair (although she’s already changed colors again since the photos were taken).

Kumamiki is wearing a shrimp-print kimono in yellow which she designed, together with sandals and a bag from the Japanese artists Shojono Tomo. She accessorized with The Circus Harajuku socks, a stars pin, a butterfly hair pin, flower earrings, facial stickers, a ribbon ring and a panda ring, and she told us most of her accessories are also from Kumamiki.

The Circus Harajuku is Kuma’s favorite place to shop, and she’s a fan of Yuki’s music. She has her own website if you would like more info!

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  1. Love Kumamiki. This look is really out of this world, I *love* how everything is put together! Perfection!

  2. Love the outfit :) its so colorful with bright colors.

    Just one question, where can you buy the Shojono Tomo bags? They are so cool, but I couldn’t find them last time I was in Tokyo :'(

  3. I always love to see Kumamiki’s style! She has the cutest clothes!
    I wonder how she tied her obi in the back. Next time you shoot kimono pics, will you take pics of the back?

  4. Very cool ..Old school brought into this century with flair !