Kumamiki w/ Rainbow Hair, Bows & Cute Party Baby Shrimp in Harajuku

Here’s Kumamiki, the 22-year-old founder of the indie Japanese fashion brand Party Baby and one of the original Harajuku Fashion Walk organizers. After Harajuku Fashion Walk #12 (Sunday, Sept 23, 2012), Kumamiki will step down from the organizing committee for the event so that she can focus more on her brand. However, she will continue to participate in future Harajuku Fashion Walk events even though she won’t be organizing. If you happen to be in Tokyo, you should definitely come out to Harajuku Fashion Walk #12 (more info on Twitter)!

Kumamiki is wearing a bow-decorated dress from her own brand Party Baby with striped stockings and pink Tokyo Bopper platforms. Accessories include a pink hat (also covered in cute bows), a Party Baby shrimp earring, candy necklace, hair ties in her rainbow-colored hair, a bubble-blowing duckie necklace, pancake and strawberry rings, colorful 6%DOKIDOKI bracelets, and a cute straw handbag (with more shrimp) from Party Baby.

Kuma’s favorite singer is Yuki. If you’d like to know more about her, you can follow Kumamiki on Twitter! Also, don’t miss our documentary about Party Baby on YouTube.

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  1. OMG, she looks so cute, and her earrings, they look fantastic … She did a great job!!!!

  2. I love Kumamiki *A* She is the cutest and sweetest Harajuku girl~ <3

  3. I loved the mini documentary on her & Party Baby ~ she seems like such a lovely person.

  4. Dreaded Queen

    She always has great accessories! Much success to her and party baby

  5. Onora-chan

    She is so good at coming up with outfits! she never fails to amaze me!