Kurebayashi & Junnyan at the Yoyogi Flea Market in Harajuku

Here are two Harajuku style icons who most of you will recognize right away – Kurebayashi & Junnyan! Haruka Kurebayashi (aka 90884) is a Japanese artist, an indie fashion designer, and a model for KERA Magazine. Junnyan is a longtime personality in the Harajuku scene as well as a founder of Harajuku Fashion Walk and the Pop N Cute parties.

Monday was a holiday in Japan, so a rare weekday edition of the Yoyogi Flea Market was held. Kurebayashi and Junnyan set up a space at the flea market to sell of their extra clothing and kawaii goods, as many Harajuku kids do. In addition to getting a great deal on cool fashion, many girls were excited to talk to Kurebayashi because of her work as a KERA Model. There probably aren’t too many flea markets in the world where you’ll find well-known models/personalities selling off their old clothing for 500 yen, but it happens all of the time at Yoyogi.

As far as their fashiongoes: Kurebayashi was wearing a super-cute strawberry-print dress with a pannier, striped socks, and blue platform shoes. Junnyan was wearing a pink jacket with a pink top, 6%DOKIDOKI shorts, 6%DOKIDOKI tights, and pink boots. His necklace is from Milky Pop and his tote bag is from the 6%DOKIDOKI mook. Kurebayashi is on Twitter as 90884. Junnyan is on Twitter as JUNNYAN69.

If you’re going to be in Tokyo next week, you can meet both Junnyan and Kurebayashi at the Pop N Cute party on May 5th. Check out the details on the Harajuku Fashion Walk Twitter.

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Our Yoyogi Flea Market Video (from last year)

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  1. I wana dress like them!! Sugoi ~~ I need to be in Japan NOW

  2. Sugoi! I want to go to these flea markets too, they have awesome stuff!

  3. They really look so adorable together! and loove Junnyan’s hair *o*