Kyouka in Harajuku w/ Algonquins Fashion, Gothic Makeup & h.NAOTO

We often meet Kyouka in Harajuku, and his looks are always gothic and interesting. Kyouka works at a ramen shop and he’s 30 years old.

This time, Kyouka is wearing a pair of pants from Algonquins with a matching coat from the same label. Both are embellished with studs and harness-style accessories, and the coat has a faux fur collar. Underneath, we could spot a Sixh t-shirt and a h.NAOTO choker and necklace. He told us that his bag is also from h. NAOTO, and that his heeled platform boots are YO!YO!YOSUKE. Kyouka is wearing black lipstick, red contacts, and gothic make-up with his dark, long hair, side-parted.

We asked him about his favorite things, and he told us that he likes Sixh for shopping and Moi dix Mois for listening. On Twitter, you can find him as @chifuyu_Kyouka.

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  1. Mia-Sehana

    Wow! He reminds me if the movie The Crow starring Brandon Lee (think I got the name right). I can’t stop staring at this guy!

  2. Wraith108

    Got to wonder, does he work at a really casual ramen place or was that his day off?

  3. Awsome! I always thought goths were killed by Emo kids

  4. Actually he looks nothing like Eric Draven from The Crow. He looks more like himself than anybody else. Clearly his clothing is stunning, as well as his make u

  5. He is amazing! I would kill for a boyfriend like him! ^^

  6. Nah, his look *is* reminiscent of The Crow, it’s the first thing that came to my mind, as well. It doesn’t take away from his individuality, though. He’s clearly got his own look, but with hints of a memorable gothic icon. Stunning hair, eyes, & necklace.