LaForet Harajuku Grand Bazar Pictures 2010

This weekend is a big weekend in Harajuku – the LaForet Grand Bazar is on! Held twice a year (in January and July), this is the biggest sale in all of Harajuku. The streets between Harajuku Station and LaForet are jam-packed with people (mostly girls, but guys get in on the action, too) shopping for amazing deals on their favorite Japanese and international fashion brands. And if you think getting TO LaForet is difficult during Grand Bazar, trying moving around inside. The building is crammed with people going in every direction, while various shop’s staff shout and wave signs trying to get shopper’s attention.

LaForet Harajuku Sale Time

Besides the fun bustling atmosphere of Harajuku’s favorite shopping event, the deals that you can find during Grand Bazar are truly amazing. Many LaForet shops sell items at 70-90% off. Wandering around LaForet this weekend, we saw bins full of shirts, dresses, jackets, shoes, and other items being sold for as cheap as a few hundred yen each – from huge brands like Ne-Net, Hysteric Glamour, FurFur, and lots of others. If you’re looking for even higher-end fashion, Helmut Lang and WJK had amazing deals on US$1,000+ leather jackets, and HP France Exclusive was priced down-down-down on import handbags, jackets, and other couture items from all over the world.

But, telling you about Grand Bazar just doesn’t cut it. To understand LaForet Grand Bazar, you have to live it. If you aren’t able to make it to Tokyo, pictures are the next best thing. So, we brought back pictures of the huge crowds – as well as street shots of some of the happy shoppers who survived Grand Bazar 2010. Enjoy the photos – and, as usual, you can click on any of them to see bigger versions.

LaForet Harajuku

LaForet Grand Bazar

Harajuku Crowds

LaForet Grand Bazar Balloons

Time to Shop!

Big Crowds at LaForet Harajuku

LaForet Harajuku Grand Bazar

Shop Staff Outside LaForet

Crowded Sidewalk in Harajuku

LaForet Balloon Tree

Grand Bazar in Harajuku

Shopping in Harajuku

To make the mood even more festive, the world’s cutest Japanese band was marching around playing music. Check out the makeup and outfits these girls are wearing. They were marching around outside as well as inside of LaForet – too cute!

Cute LaForet Band Girl

Cutest Japanese Band Ever!

Japanese Band Girls in Harajuku

The Band Played On

And here are pictures of friendly post-Grand Bazar Harajuku shoppers! Notice that almost all of them have big smiles on their faces…

Leopard Print Japanese Girls
How amazing are these girls’ outfits? Wow!

Best. Outfits. Ever.

LaForet Harajuku Shoppers

Happy LaForet Shoppers

Friendly Japanese Girls in Harajuku

LaForet x Emily Temple Cute

Friendly Girls Outside of LaForet Harajuku

LaForet Harajuku Shopping Bag

The next LaForet Harajuku Grand Bazar should be in July. If you like fashion and cheap prices (who doesn’t like that combo), get your plane tickets ready!

We took video as well, but we didn’t have time to edit it yet. We’ll try to get our Grand Bazar video edited and posted soon, so check back!

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  1. great shopping, so sad it’s ended on 25 jan, and I’ll be landed in tokyo 6th feb. any chance to get a bargain in feb? *.*

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  3. Does anyone know exact sale date in July??? I’m trying to plan my trip.