J-Pop Singer in Letterman Jacket, Cat Tights & Pin Nap Platform Sneakers

You probably recognize J-pop singer Mika (of the band 3cro Adventure) from our Harajuku street snaps back in 2012! We met the 25-year-old singer again recently and chatted about what she was wearing.

Mika’s letterman jacket is a resale purchase, and she is wearing it over a yellow top. Her distressed short shorts are from Sly. Her white bag is from the brand MCM. She’s wearing a beanie with a badge pinned to it, a chain necklace, and small earrings. Her nails are polka-dotted and accessorized with a large Mickey Mouse ring. She’s also wearing sheer cat tights, sports socks, and platform sneakers from Pin Nap.

Mika told us that her favorite shops are both in Harajuku – Pin Nap and Bubbles. Her favorite music is K-pop (especially 2NE1) and J-pop. You can follow her Twitter here.

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  1. Goshh, she has perfect skin *A*
    It is a cute outfit. I would only change the shoes to something more interesting.

  2. Victoria Moore

    The blue and yellow look really refreshing and the pin on her hat looks very cute too.

  3. Her skin has improved so much since the last time we’ve seen her! I love how she toned down and now just looks plain classy and effortlessly beautiful.

  4. As far as skin in general (not talking about the person in these photos specifically), the summers can be brutally humid (and quite hot) in Tokyo. Some believe the humidity keeps your skin looking young longer, but it also causes many people to break out during the hot seasons.

  5. It’s the second time I see those tights, cool!
    The MCM bag is kinda trending too, at least I’ve seen that pattern three times before ^^

  6. the outfit is perfect! though for me i wouldn’t wear the stockings, and swap the shoes for smth else that can go with the coordination