Lilac Haired Harajuku Girl in Leather Skirt, LilLilly, Tokyo Funks & Cannabis x k3 x Vargas Platform Sandals

Kano is a stylish 22-year-old girl – with lilac hair and bangs – who we snapped in Harajuku recently.

Her outfit includes a a white fluffy coat over a hearts t-shirt from LilLilly, a zippered leather skirt from Nadia, Vargas peace sign earrings, and Bubbles Harajuku accessories. Her dotted bag is from Tokyo Funks and her platform sandals areĀ Cannabis x k3&co x Vargas, worn with socks and white fishnet tights.

Kano told us she likes shopping atĀ Barrack Room and you can see more of her pics on Instagram.

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