Molfic 2012 S/S Collection

The 2012 S/S edition of Japan Fashion Week (aka Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) in Tokyo is under way! Several times each day,’s contributors are reporting back from runway shows and events all over town. Be sure to check out all of our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo coverage.

On Friday, October 21st, Japanese label Molfic showcased their 2012 Spring/Summer collection at the Mercedes-Benz Connection in Roppongi.

Molfic founder Takashi Mori got his start in design in 1999 working for Issey Miyake. He then worked in freelance design, and started Molfic in 2006. The brand’s concept is a combination of “minimalism” and “functionality”. In addition to fashion design, Mori is the creator of the sound project Pianostalgia, which composed the soundtracks for all of the shows for Tamae Hirokawa’s label Somarta as well as for Toyota. In the 2011 S/S collection, a palette of blacks, whites, and earth tones wash over very wearable jackets, pants, leggings, and long tees.

The name of the Molfic 2012 S/S menswear collection shown at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo was “Architectribal”. The collection featured cleanly cut matching outfits made of high-tech made-in-Japan materials. The “tribal” part of the collection’s name came from that fact that most of the pieces were embossed – some subtly, others boldly – with tribal patterns.

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Molfic 2012 Spring/Summer

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  1. Looks like they took women’s clothing and put it on guys. It’s not original.