Monomania & Converse vs. Uniqlo & Body Line

We spotted this trendy couple in Harajuku. The guy on the left is a 15-year-old student name Kaede. On top he’s wearing a Monomania logo t-shirt with a Kingsley Mask hoodie. On the bottom he’s wearing animal print shorts (also from Monomania), graphic leggings and Converse sneakers.

Kaede’s accessories from Monomania include silver chains and a silver link ring. A green bow tie is attached to the chain. He’s carrying a JanSport backpack.

The blonde girl on the left is Tony, a 17-year-old high school student. Her outfit consists of a print maxi dress from a resale store and a black parka from Uniqlo. Her rocking horse platform shoes are from Body Line. Her red leather bag is from the flea market.

Tony’s leather accessories include a wide belt from Bunkaya Zakkaten, a choker that resembles a belt and a black ring that was a gift.

Kaede told us his favorite store is Monomania. He likes the music of Humbert Humbert. Tony likes the fashions of Uniqlo and Comme Ca and the music of Chara.
Monomania & Converse vs. Uniqlo & Body Line

Monomania logo t-shirt

JanSport backpack

Monomania chains & ring

Graphic leggings & Converse sneakers

Print dress & Bunkaya Zakkaten leather belt

Red leather bag

Leather choker & black ring

Body Line rocking horse shoes

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  1. His t-shirt is cool, and i lover her floral dress. Very nice!

  2. OMG! He is wearing an Norwegian flag on his bag :D<3 I just have to love them, because their style is so freking awesome!!! :'D <3333 All my love to Japan these days!

  3. BEST. OUTFITS. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I effing love them <3333333 That guy's hair and shorts <33 omgomgomg *breathing problem* :D

  4. Those girls contacts work really awesome on her!!! :D

  5. The guy totally pulls this off its more of his demeanor more than anything. He’s wearing the clothes, the clothes are not wearing him IMO. Those converse+glasses+ wavy hair help too Luv!!