Moth in Lilac Guitarist w/ Pink-Blue Dip Dye Hair in Harajuku

Lisa13 is the guitarist from Moth in Lilac, and we’ve snapped her many times before (see here and here). She is 18 years old and you can find her on Twitter.

This time, Lisa’s look features pink hair with blue dip dye hair along with black and white fashion. She’s wearing a Parental Advisory t-shirt with a mini skirt, a quilted varsity jacket and thigh-high striped stockings with suspenders. She is also wearing lots of jewelry (including Motionless in White and Moth in Lilac bracelets, a choker, cross necklace & rings), sunglasses, a skull bag, and platform boots.

Lisa’s favorite bands are many, including Hide, Korn, Motionless in White, Wednesday 13, Slipknot & Murderdolls. She’s calls Hide’s Lemoned one of her favorite fashion brands. For more info on Lisa’s band, check out the Moth in Lilac official website!

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  1. Aww She looks soo Addorable! I love all her accessories, her clothes, and everything! Shes so awesome >/////<

    p.s. I missed lisa13 soo much!

  2. I LOVE THOSE STOCKINGS. Also, even more than that, I love how using accessories made out of Hama beads is a thing… Makes me want to pick them up again

  3. Riley Groleay

    Wow~! This outfit it amazing, great matches, and the colour scheme, neons and black, is just perfect.

  4. Lol look at the comments! It seems the whole world is in love with her, and I can see why!