Mountain Hardwear Tokyo Shop

Today, September 10th, was the grand opening of the new Mountain Hardwear Tokyo shop. This new store is the first official Mountain Hardwear shop in Japan. The shop is located on Meiji Dori in Harajuku and occupies two floors (2,100 square feet) of a building that has been re-designed with a sleek glass and metal store front.

Mountain Hardwear Tokyo

Mountain Hardwear carries outdoor gear and supplies including backpacks, tents, mountain climbing equipment, and various goods for those interested in biking, camping, trekking, hiking, and other outdoor sports. According to the company’s president, this new shop – only the third stand alone Mountain Hardwear shop in the world – is part of an ongoing effort to increase awareness of the brand with consumers and to help promote sales of their products in Japan and worldwide.

Mountain Hardwear Tokyo Shop Info:

  • Address 6-18-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan
  • Phone: 03-5778-4505
  • Hours: 11:00 to 20:00
  • Map: Coming Soon
  • Website: Official Site

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  1. David Coleman

    That store front looks really bad . What is MH trying to do ? Just make money , thats all . So sad . Is this what you have to do to sell in Japan . Where are they going to use the gear ? F-ing Paris ? Please get real . People that really use your gear love it . They dont need a store like this . But you said it all ( promote sales .

  2. Mountain Hardwear gear is great and top quality. I have used Coleman and Vango items in the past and they never last as many seasons as my current MH tent. I think they’re alot more specific to experienced hikers and backpackers who expect alot from their equipment rather than supplying general campers. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

  3. Honestly? That building looks like crap, and seriously, where the hell are these people going to actually “use” their gear. MH used to be a quality outdoor brand that catered to actual outdoor enthusiasts, apparently now it’s dumbed down to a fashion statement, another NORTH FACE. Capitalism at its finest.

  4. I’m getting some hiking stuffs but I’m not going to get it here as the store front isn’t sexy enough…it looks real bad and the building is crap!
    Get real ub and Mr Coleman. Stop beefing and may i suggest to go and take a hike. Thanks.