Nadia Harajuku Yui w/ Red Hair, Creepers & Cool Nail Art

Yui is 21 years old and works at Nadia Harajuku. You might remember her from our previous snaps or from the recent AvantGarde Harajuku Halloween Party. When we met this time, she was in all black, and her red hair popped very nicely.

Yui is wearing a Nadia t-shirt reading “burning spirits” over a black dress with fishnet sleeves. She also wears simple earrings, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring and another thin silver ring, as well as black, white and red nail art. Yui has a cross necklace on her chest and Nadia creepers with white socks on her feet.

Yui is on Twitter here.

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  1. Omg! this girl is so pretty and I love her style.

  2. Not sure if photoshopped.. the first photo, there is some bruise on the left leg but the last photo her leg is clean..

  3. I love her red hair and i would totally wear that outfit!!

  4. Creepers are back in style now, huh? I want her t-shirt but it will evidently get me kicked out of the house/disowned. Oh well, at least I’d have an awesome shirt that conveys THE MESSAGE I WANT TO TELL THE WORLD EVERYDAY

  5. Probably is shopped; she probably doesn’t want the whole world seeing a close up of her bruise xD Her creepers are doing the same thing mine do, that’s so frustrating!
    Love her style, though, makes me wish I still had my red hair!

  6. She is sooo beautiful!!! I would wear everything she’s wearing!!!

  7. still can’t get over this look! really beautiful and edgy!

  8. Sarahbanana

    wow, sooo cool :O I nearly love everything of her!