Neb aaran Do Sailor Top w/ Toys, See Through Sneakers & Rainbow Accessories

This is Ribon, a longtime Harajuku Fashion Walk participant who we spotted on the street in Harajuku. She was wearing lots of colorful accessories, creative make-up, and a fire-red hadeko-friendly wig. You may remember Ribon from our previous snaps of her, going all the way back to 2010!

Ribon’s sailor top is from Neb aaran Do, paired with red crop pants. Ribon is wearing lots of accessories, which she got from Claire’s, Jane Marple, and Bakakinoko: hair ties, round glasses, pins, several necklaces, bracelets and rings, a rainbow ruffle bag and see-through platform sneakers worn with colorful socks and Hello Kitty bows.

Ribon told us that Neb aaran Do is her favorite shop, and that she’s a fan of Kanjani 8. You can find more about Ribon from her Twitter.

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  1. BBaii-chan

    In love with her sailor shirt and ruffle bag!!

  2. Amber Hues

    Her toy car ring and tank purse are so insanely clever and awesome. I am def making my own now…..

  3. Victoria Moore

    I adore her colorful sailor look and I especially love her shoes.