Nozomi Ishiguro 2012 S/S – Cream Puffs & Coup d’etat

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On Monday, October 17th, Japanese label Nozomi Ishiguro showcased their Haute Couture 2012 Spring/Summer collection on the runway at Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in Tokyo.

Nozomi Ishiguro was born in Tokyo in 1964. He graduated from the Kuwasawa Design School, where he studied in the Dress Design Department. He spent the first twelve years of his fashion career as a designer for Comme des Garcons, rising to the level of lead designer on three of the label’s lines. In 1998, he founded his eponymous line under the Comme des Garcons umbrella. This led to the launch of his men’s collection in 2002.

His design influences are wide and varied – from contemporary Japanese and Western fashion to subcultures including gothic, Lolita, and punk. Because of this, some of his clothes are very wearable, while some of his lines are more experimental. He is often cited as a favorite by people we talk to on the street in Harajuku.

The theme of the Nozomi Ishiguro Haute Couture 2012 S/S collection show was “Cream Puffs & Coup d’etat” (“shūkurīmu to kūdetā” in Japanese). The underlying meaning behind the show’s catchy title might be broken down as “peace and revolution”, and is said to be a call to action for young people to have a louder voice in society. A number of models in the show were wearing outfits emblazoned with the text “Choux à la Crème & Coup d’état”. Other models carried flags with the same message.

As with previous Nozomi Ishiguro collections, revolutionary, post apocalyptic, or subcultural influences were evident in many of the looks. There was bold mixing of materials – zippers, lace, fishnet, plastics, leather, denim, lots of knit – and overall the collection felt like something that will have strong appeal to the brand’s edgy fans. We fully expect to see some of these pieces being worn by Harajuku’s most daring street fashion kids by next Spring. Vive la revolution!

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Nozomi Ishiguro Haute Couture 2012 Spring/Summer

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  1. Uhhh…not really likable 2 me..there were a few (mostly men’s) outfits that were pretty good and maybe a couple of the girl’s outfits towards the middle…but other than that…I say no good! And the nipples showing twice on that one girl is inappropriate! D: Like I know they’re in a rush back stage and to get the stuff done, but please try 2 cover up that poor girl!!!

  2. They all wear great boots! And it is rather interesting from artistic point of view.
    Many pieces quite wearable…interesting I must admit

  3. Annabelle

    If you some of you guys looked at the brand Comme des Garcons and the designer Rei Kawakubo, the brand he worked with before, you will see where his influences come from. They have some of their low end clothing at H&M.