Omotesando Christmas Videos 2010

This Christmas, in addition to our annual Tokyo Christmas Photo Walks, we’re experimenting with shooting video. Earlier this week we shared our walking in Harajuku videos. Now it’s time to check out some video of the Omotesando area of Tokyo.

Omotesando Dori is one of the most famous shopping streets in Tokyo. Many of the top fashion brands in the world have built amazing flagship stores along this tree-lined avenue. Besides shopping and eating, popular Omotesando activities include people watching and marveling at the extreme architecture.

To share the holidays in Omotesando with you (including the illuminated trees, Omotesando Hills, the brand shops, and the people), we’ve done a pretty simple set of videos. In the first, we walk up one side of Omotesando Dori and in the second we walk down the other side of the street. Check out the videos and enjoy Christmas in Omotesando!


Walking Omotesando Dori Video – South

For the first Omotesando holiday video, we are walking along the South side of Omotesando Dori from Meiji Dori up to Aoyama Dori. Shops on this side of the street include Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Maison Martin Margiela, Chanel, Burberry, and the famous Oriental Bazaar.


Walking Omotesando Dori Video – North

In our second Omotesando holiday video, we are walking back down the north side of Omotesando Dori from Aoyama Dori to Meiji Dori. Shops and attractions on this side of the street include Omotesando Hills, the illuminated musical tree near Cat Street, CA4LA, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, John Galliano, Michael Kors, Ann Demeulemeester, and lots more.


If you’d like to see these videos in high definition, check out the official Tokyo Fashion You Tube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on You Tube if you want to get updates about new videos, too.

Thank you for watching our Tokyo Christmas videos and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thank you for these videos and also for all of the photo’s. I really love seeing all of the lights! I really want to go to Tokyo for Christmas in the future.
    Thanks again!♥

  2. tokyo

    Thank you, Dahlia! I hope that you can visit Tokyo during Christmas & New Years too – it’s a great experience! Happy Holidays! :-)

  3. Merry Christmas Tokyo Fashion! I love you guys keep up the good work in 2011!!

  4. Love it! Almost as good as being there. It seems that it’s really gone upscale with the haute couture since I’ve been there 5yrs ago and since I was really familiar with the area about 10yrs ago.

  5. Abiabigail

    I fall for lights and the urban living :) thanks for sharing us