Harajuku Christmas Videos 2010

Happy Holidays from Tokyo! If you’re interested in Tokyo’s famous Harajuku neighborhood, but you didn’t get enough of it in our two recent Harajuku Christmas Photo Walks (Takeshita Walk / Cat Street Walk), then we’ve got good news for you. It’s Harajuku video time!

To supplement our Harajuku holiday pictures, we shot over 15 minutes of high definition video of Harajuku at night. The videos consist of us walking along important streets Harajuku during the winter holidays. The streets that we choose to cover this time were Cat Street, Meiji Dori (the home of LaForet Harajuku), and Takeshita Dori. Some of the video walks are a bit long, and we didn’t edit these videos, so we tried to walk quickly hoping that you wouldn’t get bored. In the future, as we start publishing more video, we plan to spend more time editing. For now, these are pretty raw – as if you were walking right along with us.

Enjoy our Harajuku holiday videos. You can also click over to the Tokyo Fashion YouTube page and watch the videos in HD. While you’re on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you can get info on our future Tokyo videos!


Cat Street Video

In this Harajuku video, we start at the intersection of Meiji Dori & Takeshita, walk straight past KDDI until we get to Cat Street, turn right onto Cat Street and walk all the way down until we hit Omotesando Dori. As a bonus, we shoot a few seconds of video of the Omotesando illumination. We don’t cover Cat Street on the Shibuya side of Omotesando here. Next time!


Meiji Dori Video

In this Harajuku video, we start at the corner of Omotesando Dori and Meiji Dori, and walk to Takeshita Dori. We will pass by LaForet Harajuku, ABC Mart, H&M Harajuku, Forever 21 Harajuku, Spinns Harajuku, and lots and lots of people. We stop at the entrance to Takeshita Dori.


Takeshita Dori Video

This video starts at the same place the Cat Street video started – the intersection of Meiji Dori and Takeshita Dori. This time, we will walk the entire length of Takeshita Dori from Meiji Dori to Harajuku Station. Be warned, Takeshita is really crowded around the holidays!


LaForet Harajuku Christmas Tree Video

This is a bonus video. You may or may not find it interesting. It’s a video showing the crowds of shoppers crossing Meiji Dori in front of LaForet Harajuku. You can see the LaForet Christmas Tree in the background. I sped this one up a little so you wouldn’t get too bored.


Check the Tokyo Fashion YouTube Channel for HD versions of all video! We are planning to do a lot more video in the future, so please let us know what you think and what you’d like to see more video of.

Also, don’t forget to check out all of our Tokyo Christmas 2010 Holiday Photo Walks – including pictures of Harajuku, Shibuya, Aoyama, Roppongi, and other neighborhoods.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Ah!! I hope you could do this for Akihabara after the “Hokousha Tengoku” reopens! Love that place!

  2. AMAZING!! *O*
    I really love Japan and with these videos is like if I’m there, auwh! I love it! ♥

  3. WOW! thankyou soooo sooooo much! i feel like im in japan too. their city is soo amazing! more power to tokyofashion!!!!!!!!

  4. Abiabigail

    Amazing! I Love Tokyo! and Merry Christmas Everyone

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