Harajuku Christmas Pictures 2010 – Takeshita Dori, LaForet Harajuku & Meiji Dori

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s time for another Tokyo Holiday Photo Walk! Harajuku is a lot of things to a lot of people. To us, it’s home. TokyoFashion.com’s headquarters are located just a few minutes from Harajuku Station. When we set out to do a Christmas Photo Walk around our own neighborhood, it’s not easy. There are just too many things that we’d like to show you. So, we’ve decided to split Harajuku into two different holiday posts. This first Harajuku Christmas walk will cover Takeshita Dori and Meiji Dori – two of the most famous shopping streets in Tokyo.

Takeshita Dori Christmas

Like Tokyo’s fashion trends themselves, Harajuku is in a state of constant change. Some of the recent changes have included the invasion of international fast fashion mega-stores (H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Gap, etc.) and the weak economy overwhelming some of the beloved independent brands and shops (Banana Fish, Sexy Dynamite, and many select shops). While some of that is sad indeed, Harajuku continues to adapt and thrive.

On any given weekend, Harajuku Station is so packed that you have to wait fifteen minutes behind 25 uniformed junior high school kids just to get through the ticket gate. Takeshita Dori is so crowded on Sundays that it might take an hour – a fun hour at that – to walk a couple hundred meters. The courtyard in front of LaForet is wall-to-wall people, many of them clutching more than one shopping bag. Generation after generation, something about Harajuku’s mystique brings young Japanese people here to shop, to see, and be seen. Trends die off and others are born. Harajuku is like no other place on Earth. That’s the way we love it.

For the first Harajuku Christmas Photo Walk of 2010, we’ll start at the Harajuku Station, work our way down Takeshita Dori, then head down Meiji Dori towards Shibuya. Once we see the invisible line that turns Harajuku into Shibuya, we’ll double back on the other side of the street and head for home. It may not sound like a lot, but your legs will be tired by the time we’re done – guaranteed! As usual, you can click on any of these photos to see them in high resolution. Okay, let’s get started…3..2..1..Harajuku!

Harajuku Christmas
We’ll start this photo walk at Harajuku Station, which is directly behind us. We’re standing in front of the Tamagotchi Donut shop (Tama Depa) with Takeshita Dori to our right. If you have a few minutes, you can sample their tasty donuts in a variety of flavors. Our personal favorite is cinnamon! Sorry, Kira! (He hates cinnamon!) Right now we’re on a mission, so no donuts for us.

Takeshita Dori
Here’s the famous entrance to Takeshita Dori – the street of dreams for Japanese high schoolers and fans of the cute. For the holidays, they’ve added a bubble-woman bearing a gift between two hearts. As always, Takeshita Dori is insanely crowded. We’ll brave the throngs of shoppers and sightseers!

Paris Kids
Paris Kids has a very nice tree – and lots of accessories. Takeshita is accessory heaven!

SBY Happy Room
SBY Happy Room, just off of Takeshita, is in full Holiday Mode, and so pink!

Wonder Rocket
Lately it seems that Wonder Rocket/Momo has taken over Takeshita. Not sure how many shops they have now on Takeshita, but I’d say it must be at least a thousand. Or less!

Tutuanna Harajuku
Tutuanna Christmas socks!

Claire's Harajuku
Did I mention the huge number of accessories available on Takeshita? Where there are accessories, there are Claire’s. Is that proper English?

Harajuku Christmas
If you need a hooded plaid shirt wrapped in Christmas ribbon, this might be your place.

Harajuku Christmas
10% off? That’s it? You can do better than that, I know you can!

Underwear, Santa Claus, and hearts in the window of Northerly.

Harajuku Christmas
I like this photo – cute, naughty, Christmas-y!

Angel Heart Crepes Harajuku
Angels Heart Crepes on Takeshita. There are many. many crepe shops, so we’ll stop and eat at each one tonight! Oh, we won’t? Okay, well then click on the photo to see three girls in the background eating, even if we can’t eat.

Harajuku Christmas
A Harajuku resale/vintage shop that carries clothing and all of the stuffed bears you’ll ever need.

ACDC Harajuku
ACDC Harajuku – not really that much Christmas going on here, but the shop is so colorful that I wanted to photograph it.

Marion Crepes Harajuku
Marion Crepes has a Christmas Tree, too!

Body Line Harajuku
This photo shows you how awesome Takeshita is. On the left is a hip hop clothing store (Broadway), in the middle is a lolita clothing store (Body Line), and on the right is a punk clothing store (Jim Sinn).

Body Line Harajuku
Looking for lolita Christmas fashion? Check Body Line on Takeshita!

Takenoko Harajuku
The famous Takenoko shop!

Ancoco Harajuku
Stairway to (pink) heaven!

What is a Mimpi? Apparently, it’s an ANAP sub-brand. Anyways, ANAP is decorated for Christmas every year!

ANAP USA Harajuku
Another ANAP shop – this one with a pretty Christmas Tree in the window.

ANAP USA Harajuku
ANAP Christmas accessories.

ANAP Harajuku
ANAP has a bunch of stores on this one little street right off of Takeshita. Here’s yet another of their holiday shop windows.

ANAP Kids Harajuku
ANAP Kids vs. Sex Pot Revenge vs. Santa!

Harajuku Christmas
Gal Fit Harajuku. This shop is a good gauge of youth fashion trends in Tokyo.

Harajuku Christmas
A tiny Christmas Tree inside of Gal Fit – and some Mickey Mouse shirts for US$20 each.

Liz Lisa Harajuku
The upstairs window of the Liz Lisa shop on Takeshita.

Liz Lisa Harajuku
Liz Lisa pink Christmas tree, pink teddy, pink everything!

Harajuku Christmas
The window says “LAA Pants Shop”, yet I see a lot of tops. BTW, “pants” in Japanese usually means underwear. How’s that for Christmas trivia?

Harajuku Christmas
Leopard-print roomwear at Aimerfeel Harajuku.

Harajuku Christmas
Funny socks, cute shoes, and Christmas decorations. It must be another Takeshita Dori shop window!

Harajuku Christmas
Hello Kitty x Store My Ducks. Is there a better shop name in the world than “Store My Ducks”? Not that I know of.

Harajuku Christmas
A really funny hat/gloves kind of thing in the window of the big new Momo shop.

Harajuku Christmas
Christmas lingerie and Christmas cosplay at Body Focus Harajuku.

Pink Latte Harajuku
The always awesome Pink Latte shop – with their airplane & lots of pink.

Harajuku Christmas
Hungry? How about a “pasta viking”?

Bowl-O-Rama Harajuku
Now we’ve reached the bottom of Takeshita Dori, where it meets Meiji Dori. On this corner is the well-known Bowl-o-Rama shop and another ACDC location. On other corner is an empty lot where they are likely going to build a huge skyscraper of some kind.

KDDI Harajuku
Now that we’ve reached Meiji Dori, we are going to take a leisurely stroll in the direction of Shibuya. We’ve decided to cross to the other side of the street so that we can check out the KDDI Designing Studio, seen in this photo.

KDDI Harajuku
What is that? Looks like the abominable snowman – smiling? Better go inside and check!

KDDI Harajuku
To celebrate the holidays, KDDI has captured some kind of wild snow beasts from the mountains of Japan. You can take pictures of them, but the sign says “don’t touch”!

KDDI Harajuku
Not sure – is this scary or cute?

KDDI Harajuku
Another KDDI snow creature. Officially, they seem to call them “Wild Things”, but isn’t that already a book?

KDDI Harajuku
What beautiful blue eyes you have.

KDDI Harajuku
This one is wearing a patchwork outfit of some kind. It’s pretty nice fashion for a guy who needs a pedicure so badly.

Forever 21 Harajuku
Enough wild things. Now that we’re outside and moving down the street, we can shoot a photo across the road. You can see the Harajuku Forever 21 and the new Spinns Harajuku store.

H&M Harajuku
Also on the other side of the street, the H&M Harajuku “Ice Cubes” building is cool architecture.

Harajuku Christmas
Back on our side of the road there are some cute Christmas windows. This could be Jayro White, or another random shop. Where are my notes when I need them? Oh, I didn’t take any? Ooops.

Harajuku Christmas
Merry Christmas Shop Ping!

Harajuku Christmas
Half a Christmas Tree is better than none – especially when it’s gold.

Harajuku Christmas
The inside of a Harajuku shop decorated up for Christmas.

It's International Harajuku
A Christmas tree in the window of the new It’s International store across from LaForet.

It's International Harajuku
This is the It’s International store, which opened this year. I guess it was supposed to be a competitor to Uniqlo, or something.

La Foret Harajuku
Shooting across the street again, we can see the famous LaForet Harajuku department store. This year, the LaForet Christmas tree says “Dreams Come True”. It seems to be a cross promotion with the JPop band by the same name. Even if you don’t know the band, it still sounds cool.

La Foret Harajuku
Another photo of the LaForet Harajuku Christmas tree – and a white Porsche.

WEGO Harajuku
Now we’ve crossed Omotesando Dori moving toward Shibuya – still on Meiji Dori. We’ll show you lots of pictures of the Omotesando Dori illumination in our Omotesando photo walk. This is the Harajuku WEGO store window.

WEGO Harajuku
And downstairs at WEGO Harajuku. This is one of the most famous resale shops in Tokyo.

Edwin Harajuku
Edwin Jeans Harajuku shop – with a Christmas tree inside.

Jins Harajuku
Jins Harajuku. You might have to blow up the picture to see that the One Piece promotion features a holiday scene.

Mango Harajuku
Mango Harajuku Christmas window.

Mystic Harajuku
Follow the Twinkling Star at Mystic Harajuku – and get yourself a nice shearling coat. :-)

Sequoia Harajuku
A little white Christmas tree in the window of Sequoia Paris.

Aquagirl Harajuku
Pointing our camera across the road, we snap the Mad Hectic and “On The Street by Aquagirl” shops which opened earlier this year.

Harajuku Christmas
Furry boots and bags for Christmas, anyone?

Guild Prime Harajuku
Guild Prime – part of the amazing Loveless Aoyama family of boutiques.

Collect Point Harajuku
Collect Point Harajuku with the KPop band 2PM in the window.

Takeo Kikuchi Harajuku
TK by Takeo Kikuchi.

Takep Kikuchi Harajuku
So cute! It’s a bulldog posing as Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer in the window of TK Harajuku.

Le Coq Sportif Harajuku
Japanese Santa is trying to lose a few pounds this year by riding his bike instead of using the reindeer.

Harajuku Christmas
A cool shop window.

Journal Standard Harajuku
Merry Christmas from Journal Standard Homestead. And, we’ve reached a magic invisible line that doesn’t actually exist which divides Harajuku from Shibuya. That means it’s time to cross the street and head back toward LaForet on the other side.

WESC Harajuku
WESC Christmas presents. The We Are The Superlative Conspiracy shop opened this year. They’ve got clothing and other stuff, but what I really want for Christmas is a pair of those Bloody Beatroots headphones! Hint. Hint.

Edifice Harajuku
Edifice Harajuku presents The Eiffel Tower in “Noel de Paris”.

Abahouse Harajuku
Abahouse. Last Word. Large wreath. More words.

Paul Smith Harajuku
Okay, we’re now taking pictures of back across the street where we walked earlier. The Paul Smith shop just looks better from a distance. Check out the huge holiday “PEACE” artwork. Nice.

Aigle Harajuku
Aigle. This window display would be so much more cool with a real fire. But that might be dangerous. How about a real tiger instead?

Harajuku Christmas
Chance. No Limit. Cute clothes. Etc.

Hiromichi Harajuku
Hiromichi by Hiromichi Nakano Christmas window and 15th anniversary.

Comme Ca Harajuku
An awesome window display at the new Comme Ca Harajuku flagship store. I think maybe these outfits were all white originally, but the lighting is yellow-ish. If “age” is just a number, then “color correction” is just a word (or two).

b6 Harajuku
Passing a huge pink wreath at the B6 shopping complex as we continue to move toward Omotesando Dori.

CA4LA Harajuku
The first of two Harajuku hat shops almost right next door to each other on Meiji Dori. This is CA4LA with a nice lighted “Merry Christmas” sign inside of the shop.

Override Harajuku
The second hat shop we’re passing is Override Harajuku. Override doesn’t have a holiday display, but one of the hats in the window has the following text printed on it, “GWASHI!! – a mimetic word when I catch a thing by hand is the etymology”. That’s about 1,000 times better than Christmas, right?

Milk Harajuku
Milk Harajuku. Usually, their windows are very pink. Tonight, not so much.

Kayenta Harajuku
If you suddenly have an urge to buy Native America jewelry and crafts in the center of Harajuku, Kayenta is there for you.

Omotesando Dori Lights
After a lot of walking, we’ve reached Omotesando Dori again! It’s darker now, so that Omotesando illumination looks really nice. That taxi looks pretty nice too, but that would be cheating. Or would it? We’ll keep walking – not much more to go for tonight.

Kitson Harajuku
The Kitson Studio Christmas window in the front of LaForet Harajuku is pretty.

La Foret Harajuku Christmas Tree
Now we’re passing right by LaForet – here’s another shot of the tree with H&M in the background and random shoppers in the foreground.

La Foret - Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True in Harajuku. It helps if your dreams involve shopping.

Topshop Harajuku
We love Kate Moss! So sad – the final Topshop Collection.

YM Square Harajuku
Aiming our camera across the road to the side of the street we walked along earlier tonight, we see the huge YM Square light tree – and the awesome Hanjiro Harajuku resale shop.

Harajuku Crepes
A Harajuku crepe shop all decorated for Christmas. Cute – and tasty.

Harajuku Christmas Crepes
Three different Harajuku Christmas crepes – Banana Chocolate Cheesecake, Caramel Chocolate Brownie, or Noel Brownie. Which one (or two) will you have?

H&M Harajuku
I love the beehive hairstyles in the window of H&M. If this ever becomes a trend in Harajuku, there aren’t enough memory cards to hold all of the photos I’ll take!

H&M Harajuku
The closest H&M comes to Christmas decorations tonight – a masquerade-themed window.

Forever 21 Harajuku Christmas
It’s getting late now, as you can tell by the fact that there are exactly two people out in front of the Forever 21 Harajuku.

Forever 21 Harajuku Christmas
HO HO HO at Forever 21 Harajuku

Spinns Harajuku
We are now almost back to Takeshita Dori. We’re going to end this walk at the new Spinns Harajuku shop, right next to F21. If you haven’t visited the new Spinns yet, you’re missing out. This is a cool and unique shop!

Thank you for coming along on our Harajuku Christmas Photo Walk. All of the shops are closing, so we’re going to call it a night. We’ll be back with more of Harajuku soon. Don’t forget that you can click on any of the pictures to blow them up to high resolution. Also, make sure you check out our other Tokyo Christmas photo walks – including Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi!

Happy Holidays everyone and see you soon!

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    Thanks for another Christmas season of photo walks! Glad you included WeGo in this one. It’s one of my favorite shops in Harajuku. All the clothes and accessories I got there I wear bravely here (in America) — and I always get compliments. Need to plan another visit to Tokyo soon!

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