Oversized Plaid Coat, Honey’s Dead Bag & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku

We like to see how people’s style evolves, so it’s always a pleasure to meet Matsuri. You may remember her from our previous snaps last year and earlier this year – or from her street snaps in various other Japanese fashion magazines. She is now 24 and works in apparel.

Matsuri is wearing a gray hoodie with a plaid midi skirt from Juvenile Hall Roll Call, layered over another black skirt. Her oversized plaid coat is from Hiro and her tote bag is Honey’s Dead. She has a blue head scarf, oversized round sunglasses, and her nails are light blue. She paired studded Tokyo Bopper ankle strap rocking horse sandals with tie-dye socks.

Matsuri told us her favorite shop is Honey’s Dead and her favorite band is Hifana. If you want to learn more about this stylish girl, visit her on Twitter.

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  1. Amazing! This is one of the most original looks I’ve seen in some time! I don’t even know how to call this style, but it’s really great :DDD