Pink & Purple Harajuku Style w/ Milklim & ManiaQ

Meet Sayu, a 16-year-old Japanese student – carrying a pink bunny – that we ran into on the street in Harajuku. Sayu’s Fairy Kei-influenced outfit features a pink satin jacket that says “Pink Ladies” on the back, a dress from the Japanese brand Milklim over a tulle skirt from Harajuku’s ManiaQ, candy-pattern over-the-knee socks, and pink Nike sneakers. Her accessories include doll-head & star hair clips accenting her pink-streaked double-bun hairstyle, colorful bracelets from Swimmer, a heart ring from Claire’s, and a backpack from ManiaQ covered in charms.

Sayu told us that her favorite fashion brands include Kinji, WEGO, and Spank! If you want to know more about her, you can check out Sayu’s blog (in Japanese).

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Sooo cute I luv her outfit and her pink Nike shoes !!! ^_^

  2. XD Pink ladies? I am sensing a Grease movie reference…

  3. She is just so lovely, not only her clothes are pink her face is pink too! so adorable~~

  4. Starshine

    Gotta say, I don’t like her hair. I’ve never liked the Sailor Moon style, and it looks mistreated, trashy. Then, her face is really cute, but not with that haircut ): Her clothes is super cute, tho :D

  5. Starshine>> It’s a wig. But it does look mistreated indeed.

  6. Starshine, hair tends to get “mistreated”, when you bleach it from natural black/really dark brown into this shade or even lighter. ^_^ It’s true, though, her hair doesn’t look all that nice.

    Otherwise she’s really cute. I love her socks, the jacket (Go Grease!) and the backpack. I’d buy them, had I the money and chance.

  7. cute ^__^ but i don’t get the whole doll head thing the japanese have going on…. is it just me that gets creeped out by doll heads?!?!

  8. Izskatās ļoti grlīti un mīļi, jo ši meitene pati tā ir gribējusi un tieši tas man japāniešu stilā patīk!!! ;] Es rakstu savā valodā, jo domāju, ka japāņi sapratīs.. manuprāt gudra tauta! =]

  9. I love this look. I think that the pink highlights in her bangs are the perfect shade; it give the look she’s going for: cute, not “kawaii scene”.

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