Pink Twintails, Lego Earrings, Sheer Top & Panda Platforms in Harajuku

Mochoko is a cutely styled 17-year-old student who we spotted in Harajuku. You might remember her from her previous street snaps.

In addition to her cute pink twintails hairstyle, Mochoko is wearing a Tokyo Chiip Lovers sheer “METAL” top with WEGO denim shorts and Galstar platforms decorated with cute pandas from Sevens. Accessories – most of which came from Sevens – include a checkered headband, an o-ring choker, Lego earrings, and a “The Grawzulz” backpack from Kinji Harajuku.

Mochoko is a fan of the Tokyo Chiip Lovers brand as well as the music of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For more info, find her on Twitter or Instagram!

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