Qosmos: Chic Vintage Fashion Boutique in Shibuya

Resale and vintage fashion have seen a boom on the streets of Tokyo over the last few years. The network of hip street-friendly shops that cater to vintage fashion fans is ever-growing, and includes (but is certainly not limited to) Kinji, Panama Boy, G2?, Kinsella, Berberjin, Bubbles, Tarock, The Virgin Mary, and Grimoire. This summer, a new boutique appeared on Tokyo’s vintage fashion scene – Qosmos Shibuya.

Located in the same building as the original Grimoire store in Shibuya, Qosmos’ motto is “Excavation Vintage & Antique”. Walking into Qosmos feels a bit like stepping into an American pioneer family’s cabin. Decorated in rich dark browns and natural textures, the small shop is narrow with a high ceiling and a bright chandelier which keeps it from feeling dark or claustrophobic. The selection – consisting of both found vintage items and original pieces created by the shop – has a definite masculine feel, though the shop isn’t mean to cater to any particular gender or genre. When we visited the shop, the stock included quite a few vintage knit and leather items as well as a relatively large footwear, bag, and accessories collection. The stock changes frequently, as each item is basically a one-of-a-kind.

The shop’s name – pronounced “Cosmos” – is a reference to the feeling of looking up at the sky and realizing that everything is connected. By curating a selection of vintage and vintage-inspired creations with an eye toward the present and future – Qosmos hopes its shoppers will find not only cool clothes, but life inspiration.

Rather than try to explain to much about it, we took a bunch of pictures to share with you. Hopefully, from the photos you can get an idea of the feeling of visiting Qosmos and also see some of the unique items that they carry. You can click on any of the pictures below to see bigger versions with more detail.

Click on any of the Qosmos pictures to see high resolution versions.


Here’s all of the important Qosmos info:

  • What: Qosmos vintage boutique Shibuya
  • Address: Jinnan 1-10-7 #501, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
  • Directions: From Shibuya Station, walk down Fire Dori past Tower Records. Continue to the next block past Tower Shibuya, on the same side of the street. The building will be on the right side. The shop is on the 5th floor, so look for the sign leading to the elevator. Tokyo’s most famous Dolly Kei boutique, Grimoire, is located in the same building.
  • Map: Qosmos Map via Google
  • More Info: Qosmos Official Website and official Twitter.


    All photographs by Kira.

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    1. oh wow those jeans are almost $2,000.00 unless I am converting it wrong. 149980 yen

    2. Sniff sniff, one of the things I missed doing last time I was at Tokyo was to look at some vintage stores… I trully regret it

    3. very “arabesque”! realy! it’s cool fresh, thought dusty!

    4. your store is amazing, nice work and great style~~~~