Ruffled Skirt & Fur Ankle Boots in Harajuku

This stylish 18-year-old Japanese girl was photographed in Harajuku. She said that her entire cute outfit – which consists of a cute t-shirt under a short green military style jacket with a fur collar, ruffled Cotton Candy skirt, black stockings, and fur-lined ankle boots – was purchased at resale/vintage shops. Her bag choice is a dark brown backpack with a stuffed Boof bear from Suzy’s Zoo attached to it. She also told us that her favorite fashion brand/shop is Cotton Candy Harajuku and that her musical tastes lean toward Yuki and Judy & Mary.

Vintage & Resale Fashion in Tokyo

Cotton Candy Skirt in Japan

Military Style Green Jacket

Click any of the pictures to see them in high resolution.

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  1. those are the most ridiculously cute shoes evar! maybe a close up of the shoe would’ve helped?

  2. Agreed, Those are pretty cute and, Some close ups of interesting pieces, Such as those shoes, Would help ;D

  3. i like how the chocolate brown color is carried from her hair, to her backpack straps, onto her tee (bambi be brown), down into the borders of the skirt, and into the shoe laces. smart girl. carring a color through an outfit like this is one way to make the ecletic style work without it being to hodge-podgy.

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  5. I absolutely adore her skirt and shoes!! Not a fan of the jacket though.. it looks a little cheap ><

  6. IIIIIIIIIII LOve it! I love the T-shirt……….love it….

  7. lovepanda

    OMG I WANT HER BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE HARAJUKU GALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!